Powerful intellectual curiosity combined with a strong sense of craft. A firm belief in the power of teamwork over individual ego. Passionate about working collaboratively across disciplines, innovating where they intersect.



April Steed

The one thing that defines me more than anything else is my passion for learning. I am always looking for new opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge, creative and analytical skills while deepening my professional experience.

As a polymath I am a trained illustrator, avid horticulturist, casual mycologist, with a growing interest in microbiology. The common thread that ties these disciplines together is my fascination with the systems that power our world. This curiosity and thirst for knowledge is what fuels my design practice. I also have extensive practical knowledge in handcrafts like sewing and carpentry. Iā€™m just one of those people who would rather go places and do things in my spare time than sit back.

I want to leave this planet a better place than I found it. I am committed to using the power of my knowledge across these disciplines to create positive change in the lives of everyday people.