Case Study: Venmo Charity Donation Flow Redesign

Design Thinking, Storyboarding, Mobile Design

This was a short design challenge I completed as part of the interview process at Venmo. The goal of this exercise was to increase the visibility of the charity option, and change the user experience from one of ignoring it to one of feeling good about actively donating.

Methods and Software:

  • Critical assessment of client's service and business model
  • Competitive analysis and field research across desktop and mobile platforms
  • Pencil and paper sketching of initial ideas
  • Adobe Photoshop for finalizing sketches


  • Storyboard of proposed user experience
  • Slide deck detailing methodology and conclusions

Problem solving and process notes made as I was brainstorming, illustrating the path to my conclusions.

Storyboard of the user experience of using the charity donation option.