Drafting + Illustration

Conceptual Work

Strawberry Fields Forever , wet media, spot/editorial illustration.

Strawberry Fields Forever, wet media, spot/editorial illustration.

An Arm and a Leg,  ink on paper, editorial illustration.

An Arm and a Leg, ink on paper, editorial illustration.

Dancers, charcoal on paper.


Tattooed Lady, ink on paper, bookplate.

Background for an illustrated drop cap, graphite on board. 

Fog, watercolor sketch.



Elevation and floor plan drawings, graphite on vellum.


Perspective sketch of a living room, graphite on paper.


1/2 scale drawing of a wall sconce, graphite on vellum.

Drawing From Life

Male Figure , oil on paper.

Male Figure, oil on paper.

Male Profile , ink on paper.

Male Profile, ink on paper.

Hyde Street Pier , watercolor and ink.

Hyde Street Pier, watercolor and ink.