UX Design, Interaction Design


levis.com was working on an experimental feature to allow customers to find specific styles in stores by location. As Levi’s products are sold at many different retailers other than their flagship stores, this feature was meant to 1) allow customers to find specific products locally 2) alert customers of retailers that carry their products. Below are selected mocks of my ideas.


Methods & Software:

  • Brand Research
  • Photoshop for building mocks


  • Web-ready mockups in .psd format

Key Interactions

Customer Introduction to the Feature

Layout Sample 1. A more visually explicit option using screen real estate to inform the user. 

Layout Sample 2. A more implicit option using a popup instead of space.

Find In Store Flows

Flow 1. A more visually explicit flow using color to direct the user.

Flow 2. A more implicit, simplified flow.