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MindTap Math Foundations

Gamified Learning Design, Mobile Wireframing


Cengage, a digital learning solutions company, contracted with a small design agency to help them build out first iteration wireframes for their MindTap Math Foundations product. With tablet as the main intended platform, I was called in to help hash out the basic interaction concepts for the platform. 

MindTap Math Foundations had to be designed with these key features:

  • Student and Instructor Dashboards
  • Integrated Instructional Support
  • Tools for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Visual Progress Tracking
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Interactive Videos
  • Engaging Games Designed to Build Confidence
  • Course Creation and Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Working with a small design team, I worked collaboratively to define these interactions while looking for edge cases which could break proof of concept. I was solely responsible for building the wireframes, which I submitted to the project manager and incorporated necessary edits.

This product is live and a demo can be accessed here:


Methods & Tools:

  • Collaborative white boarding to create user flows to define the screens
  • Microsoft Axure to build out screens
  • Adobe Acrobat to convert .png screens to .pdf portfolios


  • First iteration wireframes designed for a distributed team

Ideation & Collaboration


Examples of collaborative whiteboards I did with the design team.

clue my grade.png

Examples of whiteboards cleaned up and translated into final flowchart form. The screens built from these interactions can be viewed in the key interactions below.

Key Interactions

Dashboard Functionality

As I was building these wireframes for several distributed development teams that may or may not be in contact with each other, it was important to reproduce the base page notes and interactions on every page, as I did not know how the screens were going to be divided. It did take extra time but part of best UX practices is to be mindful of the dev team and try to make things easier for them when one can. 

Whiteboard Functionality

One of the key features of this learning platform was an interactive whiteboard that allowed real time collaboration between students and teachers. Though the interface is simple there is a lot of dense functionality beneath the surface that had to be designed for.

Sample Game Flow

Though the games themselves were designed by another team, the in-between screens were still something I had to design. Here's a typical flow.