Process Writing & Codes of Conduct

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Drupal Troubleshooting Tutorial


While I was learning Drupal through an online course I encountered some inconsistencies in the curriculum regarding the setup of certain key modules. A lot of other people were having trouble with this part of the course, so I wrote up and shared how I solved the issue as I hadn't been able to find any other solution write-ups online. 

Open Source Anti-Harassment Policy & Code of Conduct


While leading the Lighten project, it became necessary to create a specific anti-harassment policy and code of conduct for my team. I researched what rules other organizations have in place, but the policies I found were too vague to be meaningful and did not outline clear consequences for poor behavior or examples of what good behavior looks like in action. I was surprised at the lack of effort put into what I consider part of the foundation for building strong teams, even from organizations that are progressive and have a higher likelihood of needing to manage these types of conflicts. After performing detailed research of personal accounts, documented incidents, and conflict management strategies, I created these two documents in a way that can be tailored to any team or project. 

Highlights of things I added:

  • Emphasized that personal behavior and attitudes are what sets the tone for group culture
  • Clearly presented examples of positive and negative behaviors with clear consequences for each
  • Emphasized that when all members feel safe and valued it encourages full participation and maximum contribution
  • Added rules for conduct outside of the group when representing the project