The Solution and it's Impact

Lighten is going to change the way we think about data by transforming it into a powerful tool to connect people in need to the social services that can help them.

We are solving the problem of quickly getting the right help to the right people, by making it easy to get the right information to the right people. Our product is a lightweight, flexible, scalable web-based tool for social service providers to store, update, and exchange information about social services by using a universal standard. By creating a standard taxonomy and applying it to social services data, and then building lightweight tools to exchange, store, and track the history of that data, we are automating most of the difficult work for Service Providers, freeing them up to spend more time helping more people.

The operating model of our system is that data is not a static set of values, but rather a multidimensional living thing in an interconnected ecosystem, and that all organizations have the right and responsibility to own and maintain their own data about themselves. When a service provider updates their information in our platform, those changes are automatically pushed across the entire system, and users are notified when a change is made. Eventually, when it's mature enough, we will open-source our data spec/taxonomy, so that any tool using this spec will be able to interact with our system and the data in it. This illustrates three other principles of our project; transparency, interoperability, and working together for the common good.

Unlike your typical software company, we are not seeking to disrupt an entire landscape. We are looking to create long lasting, sustainable, positive, evolutionary change by adjusting one tiny cog, exponentially increasing the efficiency of the whole system.

Innovation doesn’t mean you have to complicate things.  Lighten is setting a clear example of how to move forward in simplicity.